A free six year warranty from Apple?

The screen of my Mk1 iPad failed recently. Apple’s guarantee is twelve months and my iPad is over three years old, but I decided to take into the local Apple Store to see what could be done, half expecting to told to buy a new one.
It seems that Apple have their own interpretation of UK consumer law, because although my iPad was not covered under Apple’s warranty, they gave me a new one free of charge! The staff in the Apple Store call this “The six year rule”, and it applies to any Apple hardware. The process (including deleting the data from my old iPad) took about ten minutes - no quibbles.
There seemed to be two factors that influenced their decision. I originally bought my iPad from the store that I took it back to, and my iPad did not look “knocked about”.
So if you have a Mac, Apple monitor, iPhone or iPad that has failed, but is in “good condition” - and is up to six years old - take it back!

When is giving paper away good for business?

Special stocks - give them away!

One of the uglier characteristics of many of the print businesses that I visit is the section of the stock room that contains customers special order stocks. These are stocks that the printer would never normally carry, but at some time or other has ordered for a specific customer’s job.

The temptation (of course) is to print the job, then put any left over stock on the shelf thinking “I’ll sell that to someone else”, and (also of course) you almost never do.

Hopefully, the customer will be paying for all the stock that was ordered anyway. So instead of cluttering up the stock room with odds and ends that will never be sold - why not do this…

Offer the customer a deal that will use all of the stock. This is only common sense, and will enhance you reputation with the customer.

Or - If the order was for letterheads, offer the customer a deal on compliment slips printed at the same time.

Or - Offer the customer a quantity of plain continuation sheets for “free”!

Or - Offer the customer some “free” jotter pads - or anything else you can think of - made from the surplus stock.

Any of the above could be offered at little or no cost to you. Doing so would certainly help to improve your relationship with the customer…

…and just think of the space you’d save!

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