The joy of documentation

We all know how we do what we do, don’t we?

Or perhaps we wouldn’t be doing it.

The question is…

How does everything get done when we’re not there?

Does anyone in your team know how to do what you do?

Do they even really understand what it is that you do do?

They could - if you document what you do.

It’s a curiously liberating thing to do. Writing a step by step description of any task in a way that would enable someone else to do attempt the same thing.

In an odd way, you would show yourself just how good you are, and make a note of all the skills that are required to do what it is you do.

It’s said that running a small business requires you to be a generalist rather than a specialist, but doesn’t being a generalist require a multiplicity of specialist skills and procedures?

Write them down!

Simply making a list of the daily tasks that you carry out would be a great way to start. Doing this will help you to delegate parts of that list.

There’s a bonus…

Writing out procedures in this way often allows us to see how we could improve how we do what we do! - especially if you’ve been doing things in the same way for years.

So time invested in this simple process could have two benefits; Increased delegation, and improving your own ways of doing things.
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