Fly - or roast?

Don’t you just hate those business clichés, the ones used by trainers and consultants (like me!). I can’t say I like them much. They usually sound a bit worn and hackneyed, but occasionally I hear one that makes me smile - and pause for a moment to question the intent of the metaphor, just to check that I’m not missing something.

Here’s one you’ve probably heard - maybe smiled at - and then dismissed.


Perhaps it’s worth another look? Maybe it’s more significant now than it was previously?

“You can’t fly with the eagles if you work with the turkeys!”

The eagles referred to here are talented (having talons,) flying in a direction determined by vision and intent. Making opportunities. Soaring over the competition. Taking the prize.

Turkeys always have their heads down, struggling and scrabbling for whatever comes their way, stuck in the moment of the days routine.

So what are you, high flying - or oven ready?

Oh good!

I’ll see you in the air then!

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