Its all about the money!

Happy, as I am, to help anyone with management, training, or sales & marketing issues, I’ve always sought assistance for myself where finance is concerned. I have been fortunate to benefit from the advice of a number of financial experts over the years. One of the most useful and practical of my advisers has been Phil Wilson. Phil’s advice and guidance helped to ensure the success, not to mention the survival of my previous business through two recessions.
Phil now heads up a consultancy called Franchise Insight The services that he offers are not only limited to franchising and would be of great benefit to any small business.

On working part-time

It seems, at the moment, that working part-time is becoming a full time job!
Picture of Paul

I find myself juggling projects then delaying my own projects in favour of those of my clients and feeling guilty about it. Of course, I’ve only myself to blame. The more time I put in to a project - the more interest I get out of it - the more time I want to put in, and I can never resist a really interesting project.

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