How do I set up an online brochure?

I was recently asked to investigate online brochure services for one of my clients, for the kind of online brochure that features an animation of the pages turning. After a little research I came to the following conclusions.

There are a number of online brochure services available on the web. Generally you submit a pdf of the brochure artwork and the service sends you back an animated version of it. There are a variety of payment models which are mostly variations of either subscription, or pay as you go schemes. - Appears to be the most cost effective starting at £49 per document with volume discounts (if purchased in advance). See a sample here: - designed mainly for magazines rather than brochures.Prices start at $349 per magazine and reduce with volume. - Looks really professional, but prices only by quotation. - Highly sophisticated presentation, but prices only by quotation. - Looks a bit old fashioned compared to the others. No pricing on the website, but the site is all about selling their design service.

One of my readers has recently recommended which has free options if you don't mind some unobtrusive advertising, or a subscription option for USD 19 per month which removes these ads. You can also embed them into your own website, and I believe also sell 'eBooks' too though I've not looked into this.

Alternatively there are software packages (like from about £1500 that would enable you to do it yourself. This would not the most cost effective method unless you were already working with Flash (or offering web design), and anticipate sufficient volume to justify the cost.

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