How can FSC certification form part of your marketing plan?

How can FSC certification form part of your marketing plan?

The FSC Standard is a Chain of Custody Standard. Put simply, this means that to maintain the standard, all you need to do is to ensure that any product that an FSC claim is made for has it’s transit through your workflow recorded, and that that record is kept and maintained in a way that can be inspected and analysed when required. A correctly set up MIS will do most of that for you. It will also facilitate reporting. In PrintSmith, for example, it is possible to report on the stock used and the product descriptions applied to any jobs that are invoiced or estimated.

It is well known that marketing to existing customers is more cost effective than searching for new customers - using reports from your MIS is probably the easiest way to manage it. Your MIS should be able to produce a report either as a document or as an export file for further analysis or variable data use.

So what might your marketing message be? FSC Certification helps your marketing message in four main ways:

  • It shows a commitment to The Environment .
  • It conveys an impression of good management practices.
  • It discriminates us from the competition.
  • It projects an image of corporate responsibility.

FSC is a market based initiative that is being progressively adopted by printers, and their customers. Increasing market pressure will soon make certification an essential part of every printers marketing message.
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