Marketing for small printers

(If you don’t already do it)

Many of the small print businesses that I know rebranded at the end of 2011. Some of them have spun out a marketing programme from their rebrand, but many have not, perhaps only running a limited “Anniversary” campaign after their first year as an independent printer. Some have done nothing at all, and have recently been noticing the effect of this lack of marketing activity.

It turns out that the one thing that some of you actually miss from the franchise days, is having a BDM! Now we all know that the value of individual BDMs varied enormously over the years. Some were greatly appreciated, and some, not so much. The better ones were good at encouraging franchisees to see the value of marketing their businesses, and to get on and do something about it. Everyone has experience of how the important, but non-urgent task of promoting our businesses can be a near impossible discipline to maintain on a regular basis. The ‘urgent’ has a nasty way of overpowering the ‘important’.

I have been asked by a couple former franchisees to provide some BDM style marketing support. The travel costs involved in supporting businesses that are not local to me would be prohibitive, so I have devised a remote support programme, which includes.
  • One-to-one on line collaboration with the business owner to produce a marketing plan.
  • Extracting customer data from PrintSmith.
  • Setting up templates, and managing data for Mailchimp (or similar) emailing programmes.
  • Compiling ’Lapsed’, and more importantly, ‘Lapsing’ data from PrintSmith.
  • Analysing the success of marketing activities.
…and more.
Are you conducting structured, regular marketing activity? Can I help?

Contact me
[email protected] for a quick chat about your requirements.
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