Exciting upgrades now in PrintSmith Vision

PrintSmith Vision (v 3.0) is now available and has several new features.

Regular readers will know that up to now I have recommended delaying the upgrade to PrintSmith Vision - until now!

It works
It’s stable
It now has significant new features that will not be available in PrintSmith Classic

Tablets* and Smartphones* are now capable of seeing your WIP/Pending Documents and your Customer history. This works well and is very valuable when doing sales calls or on the road.

Automatic Backups are now back in version 3.0

Email DIRECTLY from Vision! 
You can now email your estimate/invoice and Purchase Orders right from PrintSmith!

Purchase Orders have been enhanced and some features have been added.

Dashboard is looking good!

Vision is here to stay and is now a great improvement to Classic.
Upgrade today, you will be pleased!

*The following mobile devices are supported: 
  iPad® 4th and 5th generation 
  iPhone® 5 and 6 
  Android™ tablets 
  Android smartphones
Mobile operating systems 
 iOS 8.3 
  Android 4.1, 5.1


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