To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

PrintSmith Vision 3.3 is now available and has several enhancements.

Feedback from the majority of users that have upgraded to PS Vision is that

- It works
  • It’s stable
  • It’s a substantial improvement on PrintSmith Classic

PrintSmith Vision now has significant new features that will never be available in PrintSmith Classic

Email from Vision! 
You can now email your Estimates, Invoices, Statements, Credit Notes and Purchase Orders directly from PrintSmith! PSV will also keep a record of Estimates and Invoices sent.

Tablets* and Smartphones* are now capable of seeing your WIP/Pending Documents and your Customer history. This works well and is very valuable when doing sales calls or on the road.

Automatic Backups are now back since version 3.0

Purchase Orders have been enhanced and some features have been added.

Dashboard is looking good, and has been improved with each successive version of PSV.

Vision is here to stay and is now a great improvement to Classic.
Upgrade today, you will be pleased!

*The following mobile devices are supported: 
  iPad® 4th and 5th generation 
  iPhone® 5 and 6 
  Android™ tablets 
  Android smartphones
Mobile operating systems 
 iOS 8.3 
  Android 4.1, 5.1

…on the other hand,

There is little benefit to be had from upgrading to PrintSmith Vision if you’re not already getting most of the benefit from PrintSmith Classic.

Imagine buying a a high capacity full colour digital press, and only using it for black and white copies

Well, why then are so many PrintSmith users accessing just a quarter of it's features? Why are they just estimating and perhaps invoicing, when in fact it can do a lot more?

What additional benefits can PrintSmith give your business?

  • Costing - find out what your actual cost is for each and every job estimated or invoiced in PrintSmith, once set up, it’s obvious!

  • Profitability - track profitability at any level, by job, invoice, sales rep, customer, machine, and overall. See easily where you’re making money - and where you’re not!

  • Bar Code Readers - Show where each and every job is in ‘Work in Progress’ - enables you to track and plan cost efficient production.

  • ReportWriter - Create and use custom reports - commission reports to WIP reports to profitability reports - use RW to it's maximum use.

  • Marketing - PrintSmith, especially with the use of ReportWriter can assist you greatly in marketing your business, creating merge lists for mail and email, planning and organising marketing campaigns, etc.

Please contact me to discuss how PrintSmith can help you run a more profitable business.

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