Pricing large format by area

PrintSmith Deep No. 6. Pricing large format by area

Do you really know how much money you are making out of large format print? Many of the print businesses that I visit have their large format print definitions set up on PrintSmith as colour copiers, with separate copier definitions for A2, A1 and A0. This is fine as far as it goes, but to do it properly requires the pretence that your roll stocks are actually x/number of pre-cut sheet of whatever size, usually resulting in inaccurate pricing. It also means resorting to guesswork if a customer wants a different size from those that are set up on the system.

An alternative (or perhaps additional) way would be to set up a proper large format definition. This will allow PrintSmith to calculate large format print prices by the square millimetre. So to price correctly, you would simply enter either the ‘A’ size or any width and length dimensions, as long as they are within the total roll size of the stock. Another advantage of this method is that your roll stocks can be correctly costed and priced on the system enabling more efficient competitiveness and profitability. Pricing can be calculated from either the finished size, or the run size, thus enabling accurate costing and the pricing of longer runs.

Setting this up will take a couple of hours, but improve the efficiency of your large format print enormously!

For an instruction document or assistance in this please call Paul Stokes on 0121 288 5355.


Account Ranking Reports

PrintSmith Deep No. 5. (New) Account Ranking Reports

Going to the Reports menu and ‘Account Ranking…’ will open a new window to access a more varied way of ranking customers than in the old Customer List report. Use Account Ranking to rank accounts by different criteria and save the rankings.

Next to “Rank accounts by:” is a drop down menu that gives access to a variety of ranking types. For example, the most popular of these is ‘Sales by date range’. Select this and you can rank customers (or prospects) by any date range you want.

On the right hand side of the window there is a panel marked “Ranking storage”. You can save up to seven different custom rankings based on different criteria. You do not need to have Reportwriter to use Account Rankings, but Account rankings are also saved in the customer database and can be used in conjunction with Report Writer.

After you specify all the ranking criteria, click the ‘Run Ranking’ button to generate the ranking results. Sort the ranking results by clicking the column headers in the bottom half of the Account Ranking window.

Shared Pricing Data Among PrintSmith Systems

PrintSmith Deep No. 4. Shared Pricing Data Among PrintSmith Systems

If you have more than one PrintSmith system (perhaps at different locations or stores), you can set up charge, press, copier/digital, and stock definitions on one system and then export definitions from that system and import them into one or all of your other systems. This allows you to standardize your pricing definitions when appropriate without having to recreate them on all your systems. If you later make changes to a charge, press, copier/digital, or stock definition you shared with other systems, you can export the changed definition and update the definition on the other systems. In order to export and import pricing definitions, the Enable Pricing system Import/Export features check box in the Behavior preferences panel must be selected (Admin > Preferences > System > Behavior). When this check box is selected, the Charge Definitions, Press Definitions, Copier/Digital Definitions, and Stock Picker windows include an Export button and the File menu includes an Import command. (After selecting the Enable Pricing system Import/Export features check box, you must restart PrintSmith for the File menu to include the Import command.)

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