Quick Q & A

Q: I see an error message that PrintSmith™ has hit a bad (disk) sector in the hard drive (PC).

A: Shut PrintSmith™ down. Copy the PrintSmith™ folder from its current location to the desktop, then copy it back to the where you found it.

Q: I see an error message in PrintSmith™ that it has a corrupted index. This could also take the form of a missing item, misplaced index or Unhandled exception error.

A: Sign in as normal then, holding down Alt + Shift in all the following instances:
Invoice – Update pending documents, press ok and clear out of all screens.
SL – Accounts, press
ok and clear out of all screens.
SL – Contacts, press
ok and clear out of all screens.

Sign in using the highest password, if you do not have access to this information then call Business Momentum on 0121 288 5355.

Then, still holding Alt & Shift again:
Reports – Accounts History
SL – Verify all balances – All accounts should verify with no discrepancies.
SL – Verify SL Balance – There should be a difference of zero, if this is not so then there will be an imbalance in figures on PrintSmith™.

Q: A deleted customer has returned and you would like to view their account.

First check that the old customer is not in prospects. If they are, simply go to the marketing tab in SL/Accounts, click on the customer button, and then click on the file icon.
As long as you have an old invoice number of the customer, you can go to the review any document command in the invoice menu, enter the number and open the invoice. Then, go to the create customer from document command in the invoice menu. This will create an account called “Recovered Account’, which you will need to re-name.

After either of these procedures, the customers account and history will be visible.

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