Interpolating digital print prices

PrintSmith Deep No. 7. Interpolating digital print prices

There are many variables in the way that PrintSmith can price digital print and interpolation is one of the most beneficial. Any Copier/Digital pricing definition that uses a pricing matrix will have an “Interpolate Matrix Values” tick box.

With interpolation turned off, PrintSmith will price a digital print job in steps (always pricing to the next step). This means that if you set the price for 50 copies on the matrix @ 10p each changing to 5p each for 100 copies (the next step), 51 copies would be charged @ 5p each - and so would 75 or 99!

With interpolation turned on, PrintSmith will interpolate a price for any quantity between each step. So in the example above, 51 copies would be a fraction of a penny less than 10p, 99 copies would be a fraction more than 5p each, and 75 copies would be 7.5p each!
This means that selecting “Interpolate Matrix Values” will do three things.
  1. Your digital pricing will appear to be more professional, more like litho.
  2. You will no longer have to answer the question “Why are ninety copies more than a hundred?”
  3. You will have subtly increased the price of the intermediate quantities in the matrix without increasing the price of each ‘step’.

If you haven’t previously considered making this simple but effective change to your PrintSmith setup, perhaps now would be a good time to do it.

If you require any assistance, please contact me on 0121 288 5355.

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