Upgrade now - and be ready for PrintSmith Vision

Upgrade Now - and be ready for PrintSmith Vision

EFI have long had a policy of supporting the current version of PrintSmith and the immediately previous one. This means that although version 8.1 and 8.0 are (as at April 2013) currently supported, when PrintSmith Vision is released version 8.0 will cease to be supported.
I am told that PrintSmith Vision will be available in the UK by the end of May this year. This does not mean that versions earlier than 8.1 will stop working. It does mean that if support from EFI is required, you will probably be told to upgrade before any support will be given and this could be difficult or impossible if PrintSmith has stopped working completely, so it is clearly advisable to upgrade your PrintSmith to the current version (8.1.18) as soon as possible. 
EFI do not charge for the upgrade installers, which are available from: http://w3.efi.com/en/support/overview/print-management/efi-printsmith-and-efi-printsmith-site/product-updates
For any one requiring assistance, I can provide a DIY upgrade kit for as little as £30.00 (depending on the version you are upgrading from). Please click here if you wish to know more.
Alternatively, I can provide direct remote assistance in upgrading, or even come and do the whole thing for you.
If you require any assistance, please contact me on 0121 288 5355 or by
clicking here.

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