Essential new features of PrintSmith 8.1

If you have been using PrintSmith™ for a couple of years or more, you will realise that it is in constant development.

The latest version includes a number of improvements to the system including:

“Click and hold” buttons that you can use to display a list of options.

The ability to enlarge document previews.

Additional signatures in press definitions.

Access to a markup table in copier definitions for enhanced ‘cost plus’ pricing.

Three new charge methods - particularly useful for large format printing.

The ability to apply prefixes and suffixes to invoices and estimates.

Enhanced taxation options.

The ability to share templates across a network.

Much improved multi-quantity pricing.

…and much more!

For an illustrated guide to the new features, please follow the link on our
‘Useful resources’ page…

PrintSmith featured at Sign and Digital UK

The Display and wide format market has been operating in a digital environment for longer than other parts of the digital print industry yet still has not shaken the notion of craft in the bulk of the market. As they migrate from other technologies, the cut sheet digital users have embraced new opportunities to streamline their business, a business that now has huge volumes of short run jobs with much complexity in finishing. These Software solutions are available to the wider digital industry and the crossover is easily possible.
Once a wide format user has added some complexity such as staff or an additional print device it is no longer viable to look at the bank account at the end of the month to see if the company is viable. Profitability and efficiency has to be transparent on a company wide level and not on a job by job basis. This is where MIS is invaluable, if not essential, in assisting to increase profitability, improve productivity and optimise your competitive capabilities. In your business, you need to make every moment, staff member and machine count. PrintSmith can help you achieve these goals through a complete set of money-saving, time-saving features that cover every aspect of managing your business, including the most flexible cost-plus pricing system on the market. Simple to use and sophisticated enough to handle all types of printed products and estimate history with win/loss ratio so you know which clients offer the best profit potential.
With PrintSmith, an MIS system specifically designed for the print industry and the system more printers rely on than any other print MIS in the world, comes a scalable and complete solution to replace manual and paper-based processes, capture and view key business information and manage business processes for wide format and display print companies with on-demand and digital environments.
Companies running PrintSmith find they are able to:
  • Attain greater visibility into business performance
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase billing accuracy and cash flow
  • Make informed decisions that improve their organisation’s profitability
Although several versions are available, from a Lite and Copy-shop version the Full System can automate your entire print shop, saving your company time and money on day-to-day management of business operations. The flexible, pricing/estimating tool gives you the power to create fast and accurate quotes for all printing services, products and merchandise. It’s fully integrated functionality also ensures that invoicing can be done accurately and quickly.
PrintSmith comes equipped with accounts receivable, customer lists, work-in-progress reports, automatic stock order functions, account history and ageing, point of sale management (including support for the optional cash drawer and receipt printer), valuable up-to-the-minute sales analysis, sales summaries, statements, management reports, mailing labels and mail merge.
Additional tools are also available to extend the reach with Modules are also available for offsite estimating for sales. PrintSmith Portable enables your outside sales force to take PrintSmith Estimator on the road. The complete solution operates as stand-alone estimating system or as a live workstation on a PrintSmith network. With PrintSmith Site, a high powered, low cost entry level web 2 print tool, your customers can also order when they want to, and where they want – from home, the office or on the road. Because of the powerful integration between PrintSmith and PrintSmith Site, it no longer matters whether the customer walks in, phones in, or orders via the Web, your familiar PrintSmith interface remains your environment for processing orders and jobs.

Since its introduction to the Graphic Arts industry in 1987, PrintSmith has continued to change the face of automated print shop management. Today, it remains the industry standard print shop management software due to its data integrity and superior quality. It is also one of the most flexible and easy-to-use business management programs available.
With a new Distributor for the UK, EFI will be exhibiting PrintSmith at Sign and Digital UK on the i-Sub Digital Solutions Stand (J12). Go along and see full demonstration and how it will help drive profit though your organisation along with a special introductory offer.

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