Basic CRM in PrintSmith Vision

PrintSmith Vision includes an improved log function which combined with the Dashboard window can be used as a limited but effective CRM function.
Use the Log tab in the Customer window to record your interactions with the customer, flag items for follow-up, indicate that an issue is complete (resolved), and review information in the log.
In addition to information you enter directly on the Log tab in the Customer window, the following are logged automatically:
  • Documents e-mailed to the customer from the Invoice, Estimate, Cash Register, Post Payments, Journal Entry, and Generate Statements windows are logged automatically on the Log tab if you configured e-mail logging in your E-Mail preferences. Both the Type and Comment for an e-mail item come from the E- Mail preferences.
  • Any information that is entered in the Notify Customer window is logged automatically. These log entries are preceded by (Notified) on the Log tab.

Tip The Notify Customer window can be opened by clicking a Notify button in these windows in PrintSmith Vision: Pending Documents, Customer History, Contact, Work in Progress, Post Payments, and Journal Entry.
1. To log the communication you had with the customer:
Optionally, to categorise the communication you had, select a Type, for example, CALL or VISIT.
Click Add.

Account Log Tab

The selections in the Type field and the default text in the Add to customer account log field come from the Customer Log Type table.
2. To see a log entry in full, select it in the list at the top of the Log tab so it gets displayed in the bottom half of the tab.
4. To edit a log entry, select it in the list, make your changes, and click Save.
Account Log Tab
3. If follow-up is required for a particular log entry:

  1. Select the log entry in the list.
  2. Select the Follow-up required check box.
  3. In the Follow-up date field, enter or select the date on which you need to contact the customer.
  4. The Follow-up by field is automatically set to your user name, but if you want another user to do the follow-up, select that user.
  5. In the Follow-up comment field, enter more details (up to 255 characters) of what needs to be done.
  6. Click Save.
  7. ...and when the user logs into PSV on the follow up date...
Caption box


  1. To indicate that the issue raised in a log entry was resolved:
    a. Select the log entry in the list.
    b. Select the Completed check box.
    c. In the Date Completed field, select the date on which you resolved the issue.
    d. The Completed by field is automatically set to your user name, but if another user was responsible for resolving the issue, select that user.
    e. In the Action taken field, explain what was done (up to 255 characters) so you have a record of it.

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  • 5. To remove an entry from the log, select it in the list and click Delete.
  • 6. To print the entire log for the customer, click Print Log.
  • Reports relating to the Customer Log
  • ‘EFI_Customers - Log.rpt’ is included in the standard EFI custom reports. This displays a basic list of customer log entries. A more comprehensive report would certainly be possible if required.
    Customer log report
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