Sub-contracted website building

If you subcontract your web design to me I will provide an efficient site building service using graphics that you create and copy that you provide. This is a low cost and low risk way to enter this market using template based websites that are easy to understand and sell. This is a great way to enter the web design market if you have a design and print business, or are a graphic designer with no web experience.
Web builder training

Training a member of your existing design staff to build websites in an efficient and cost effective way is a low cost, logical and organic way to grow your business. Design is simplified by the use of a growing library of tools and templates. My training is based on the use of software that runs in Apple OS 10.9 or later and requires an initial investment in software of around £90. Initial training consists of 2 one-hour sessions at a cost of £70 per hour.
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Who I am
I have worked as a consultant and trainer over two decades. My customers have included the UK’s leading print franchises and many independent design and print businesses. Prior to this I ran my own design and print business for twenty years, having trained and worked as a graphic designer & photographer.
Contact me
Call me on 07971 820 990

Email me at
[email protected]

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What I do
Photography and web design currently take up much of my time. I also provide business consultancy and training for a group of existing clients, as well as being a director of The Group Scheme.

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