West Coast Stories pt.1

In June of 2017 Mary and I decided to spend our holiday exploring some of the west coast of France.

We planned to take the ferry to Cherbourg and spend a few days near Bayeux, then travel south for a few days to the Loire Valley, and on into Charente-Maritime before following the coast north to Brittany.

The first few days were enjoyable as we settled into our holiday routine and took in the sights of the Normandy beaches and the Bayeux tapestry. Our first surprise came when we moved to the Loire Valley and visited Saumur.

Here, we accidentally found ourselves in the the Anjou Velo Vintage festival. There were hundreds of riders, in costume and all on bicycles from before 1987.

_DSC4144 _DSC4156 pf-the-hare-and-the-tortoise-2 _DSC4175 _DSC4189 _DSC4202
There was a real party atmosphere - including the balloons.

Montgolfiers _DSC4120

We visited chateaux, including Saumur (above) and Montsoreau (below).

We found this lovely area of wild flowers behind the Chateau of Montsoreau.

See part two for our adventures when we moved south west to the Charente-Maritime.

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