Steam Fair

On a recent visit to my brother at his home in Lichfield we walked in his local park, Beacon Park. This was an opportunity to see Carter’s, a visiting steam fair.

The Octopus

Carter’s Steam Fair is a traditional English travelling funfair with rides dating from the 1890’s to the 1960’s. The rides and vehicles are all beautifully restored.

Steam Yachts 4Steam Yachts 5Steam Yachts 6Steam Yachts 13
The Excelsior Steam Yachts
This impressive set of 1920s steam-driven yachts is one of only two or three surviving examples of a very popular ride in Britain at the turn of the 20th century. Two ‘yachts’ swing under steam power to an almost vertical angle which, although appearing sedate from the ground, gives it a kick which makes it one of our most popular rides with thrill-seekers.

Chair-o-Plane 7Chair-o-Plane 8
The Paramount Chair-o-Plane
Dating from the 1920s, this is a rare example of working vintage chair-o-planes.

Lightning Skid 15Lightning Skid 16-2
The Lightning Skid
Noisy and fast, and beautifully and intensely decorated, the Skid is a very popular ride dating from the 1960s.

Gallopers 12Gallopers 10Gallopers 11Gallopers 9
The Jubilee Steam Gallopers
The oldest ride that the Carters own, the Gallopers was built in about 1895 by Robert Tidman & Sons in Norwich; when it was new, this would be the fastest most people had ever travelled.


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